Tazio Nuvolari at the wheel of the Cisitalia Porsche, before coming to Argentina, Cisitalia Porsche at the Museum in Stuttgart. Porsche Argentina book.

Cisitalia Porsche, the Typ 360, a 4 wheel-drive single - seater

An incredible design from the Bureau Porsche, this tiny Cisitalia 360, spent many years in Argentina. The car was never raced, but survived over the years complete. It is now in exhibition at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.
Ernesto Bossola, Bugatti Type 35 A. Picture: Bugatti Argentina book. , Eduardo Estanguet. Bugatti Type 35 A. Picture: Bugatti Argentina book.

Bugattis Racing in Argentina

Our book Bugatti Argentina tells the story of the big number of Bugattis that came to Argentina. Though it has information about the importer, Luis Tirasso, and his connection with the count Eduardo Matarazzo in San Pablo, Brazil, the book is focused in the racing activities of the Molsheim cars in Argentina.
Clemar Bucci and his Tipo C 316 12 cylinder car, s/n 51204.

Clemar Bucci and his Tipo C 316 s/n 51204

Clemar Bucci was an active driver during late 40s and early 50s in Argentina. During Juan Domingo Peron´s government, he acquired an hybrid Alfa Romeo, that has a complete chapter in our Alfa Romeo Argentina book. Heavy, difficult to drive, it was taken to victory once by Achille Varzi in Brazil.

Alfa Romeo Tipo C 308, engine 8C35, s/n 50017 in Argentina. , Alfa Romeo Tipo C 308, engine 8C35, s/n 50017 in Argentina. , Alfa Romeo Tipo C 308, engine 8C35, s/n 50017 in Argentina.

Alfa Romeo Tipo C 308 s/n 50017

Photos from the "Festival de la Velocidad", july 2005, Buenos Aires, Argentina. s/n 50017 is one of the most original monoposti in existance.
The Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic at Retromobile 2012, ,

Bugatti Atlantic at Retromobile 2012

The Mullin Automotive Collection featured in their stand at Retromobile in Paris the fantastique Bugatti Type 57Atlantic, among other extraordinary cars.
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Alfa Romeo concept cars at Padova

At the Fiera di Padova Mostra Scambio the Alfa Romeo museum took the Carabo (Bertone) and the Iguana (Italdesign), two of the several 33 concept cars.
Willy Iacona and Allegro Pelloni with the Ferrari 500 F2., Lao Iacona with the 1/10 Lancia Ferrari.

Whitefly at Padova, Italy.

In october, 2011, Whitefly & Autoar shared a stand at the Fiera di Padova, Mostra Scambio. Our neighbour was Allegro Pelloni, an ex carrozzeria Scaglietti and ex Ferrari, who is now retired and building himself the "Vetture italiani campioni del mondo". All in 1/10 scale, he took with him the Lancia Ferrari, a Maserati 250F and the Alfetta among others. The Ferrari 500 F2 and the Lancia Ferrari shown in the pictures are now living in Buenos Aires! Grazie tante Allegro!
Ferrari 430 Spider Lamborghini Gallardo Spider

Ferrari & Lamborghini for rent at Champs Élysées, Paris

If you have 89 Euros and want to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo Spider or a Ferrari 430 Spider you can do it at Champs Élisées. Don't forget to bring a heavy jacket and a scarf because it is winter!

whitefly at Rétromobile 2012

For the ninth time in a row Lao Iacona & Cris Bertschi, whitefly, will be at the great french show at Porte de Versailles in Paris.
Please come to our stand at Hall 3 B67, in front of the Galerie des Damiers, and say hello!

We will be bringing new stuff as usual.

À bientôt!

Adolfo Schwelm Cruz at the Mille Miglia

Argentine Schwelm won the race in a curious way. He had himself been driven around the circuit in a saloon car and made notes about each corner. Later he handed these records to his co-driver and drove the race accdording to his advice. On his Alfa Romeo he became winner of the class production cars above 1.5 litres.

Rétromobile 2008 poster, whitefly stand at Rétromobile 2008, Ben Horton with Ferrari Argentina - Sports cars, Ferrari Argentina - Sports cars chez Gilena, Galerie des Damiers

Rétromobile 2008

In 2008 whitefly brought the third bi book to París, Ferrari Argentina - Sports cars.
Tony Singer's posters, Dr. Iacona, D.I. Bertschi, Bertschi & iacona at the stand, Automobilia, Simon Moore reading Alfa Romeo Argentina

Automobilia Expo - Monterey 2005

Tony Singer's Automobilia Expo at the Embassy Suites in Monterey is a two-day show for the memorabilia enthusiasts. This was the second time for whitefly but the first international launch of a book as we brought Alfa Romeo Argentina just in time for the featured marque at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.
Affiche Retromobile 2005, Peter Marshall 1900 Register UK, Taxi driver, Walter Bäumer and Simon Moore, Lao Iacona at work, Jean-Pierre Beltoise, C'est fini, Jean-Pierre Beltoise, Conejete, Disney Store Champs-Élysées, Champs-Élysées, The son of Geo Ham, Ma no! Non posso vendere questi! Gilena

Rétromobile 2005

Our second experience in Paris saw the three of us, whitefly (Lao & Cris) with Willy Iacona again staying at the Hotel de La Valais, a kind of Chateau at the peaceful Rue de Saint Denis.

Affiche, Willy, Cris et Lao, Cris with lovely 405 Paris - Dakar, , Il Preside Volante, The trio: whitefly & Willy Iacona, Lao Iacona at work, Bart Rosman, Lao Iacona, Cris Bertschi, whitefly with Marcel Massini, Jackie Forrest Green, Nick Candee and Don Rose with whitefly, sexy Lao Iacona

Rétromobile 2004

Rétromobile 2004 was our first experience as exposants.
It opened our minds forever and pushed us to finish our first book Alfa Romeo Argentina which was published a year and a half after that and launched in Monterey in August 2005, when Alfa Romeo was the featured marque at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.